• Curkey Pastilles for Quick Relief from Sore Throat with Natural Curcumin Extract from Turmeric | Sugar Free, Mint… 147

    The Real Power of Turmeric: Every Curkey pastille has 100 mg of Curcumin, the active ingredient of turmeric (Haldi- Curcuma longa) that has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. We use Curcumin extracted from natural turmeric to formulate Curkey. Turmeric contains just 3% Curcumin, so if you were having plain turmeric you would have to consume 30 glasses of turmeric milk for it to do the work of one Curkey pastille!
    Highly effective: When Curcumin is absorbed by mouth, your body absorbs it 9 times more than when it is absorbed through the digestive system. It’s because of a process called Buccal Absorption Technology (BAT) that creates 9 times more bio-availability factor. We call it the genius of its suckable pastille format that comes in a tasty mint flavour!
    Clinically Proven: Sore throat can be an indication of various respiratory complications like cough, cold, flu or respiratory infection. Curkey not only provides quick relief from throat irritation, pain and swelling but also acts on the root cause to give lasting relief. Its anti- bacterial, ant-viral & anti-allergic action gives relief from associated symptoms like cough and cold. Curcumin is also clinically proven for its benefit in respiratory tract infections. If you make a habit of taking Curkey regularly, its anti-oxidant properties can help build your body’s natural immunity against seasonal and recurring infections. That’s why even doctors recommend Curkey!

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